This Proceeding is provided for the Conference of BUAF (Borneo Undergraduate Academic Forum) 5th.

This Conference is expected to be able to take a role in responding to various complex social problems of humanity and science at this time, especially in responding to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic situation which has hit the world for a year. This is where the urgency of academic activities such as this conference to address and respond to various issues of humanitarian crisis and science during the COVID-19 pandemic through the “Borneo Undergraduate Academic Forum” (BUAF) as a medium for scientific dissemination and conference.

This conference invites the number of speakers from many counrtries, who have presented their papers:

Prof. Dr. Sumanto Al Qurtuby (Saudi Arabia)

Prof. Dr. H. Zaenuddin H. Prasojo (Indonesia)

Dr. Sharifah Noraida (Malaysia)

Dr. Du Trong Giang (Vietnam)

Dr. Labi Riwarung (The Philippines)

Dr. Saimi Bujang (Malaysia)

Dr. Yuti Ariani (Singapore)

Dr. Jenny Lundt (USA)

Dr. Abdul Razak Panaemale (Thailand)

Dr. Sahrin Masri (Brunei Darussalam)

Dr. Shoqi Al-Maqtary (Yemen)


Vol 1 No 8 (2021): Digital Da'wa in Covid-19

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